Then there’s UKIP, who need to go back to the policy drawing board.

Okay, we just had to pause for a minute or two here to truly get what this leaflet is saying. It’s one thing to look at it at face value and say “yay, let’s do it!” After all, political platforms, when left unexplained, can certainly sound pretty good, especially if the person presenting it is as charismatic as one can ever hope to be. Yet, reading the last two bullet points and trying to make sense out of them is just… Well, let’s just say it’s all full of hot air, shall we?

However, we just feel that it’s all a bad case of irony. Guys, there ain’t no way a supposedly high profile member of the University of Phoenix can even save this platform from ever making any sense. First of all, you’re trying to put a stop to massive wind farms. In contrast to the last point made, isn’t that practically sustainable energy at its finest? You’re making use of natural resources out there.

What, are you too much of a cheapskate to ever have these built again, not even realizing the good that they can do for people? It’s probably the kind of sustainable energy that will never run out at all. Whichever political candidate came up with this idea must really be full of himself if he thinks this is a good idea. Maybe you’re looking into coal mining instead? If that’s the case, that’s a lot of votes that you won’t have by the time your campaign comes to a head.

This Lib Dem bar graph has no sense of proportion.

You know, when you think of prestigious educational institutions like the University of Phoenix or some other high end college, you’d think that people would have a good grip on their fields of expertise. These people have been studying for a good number of years in order to provide accurate and detailed statistical information for everyone in the campus to be informed with. A lot of it actually is derived from research and gathered data. As we said, there’s absolutely nothing that could go wrong then, right?

One look at this, and the mathematical obsessive compulsive in you would probably go on a fit of rage. Whoever came up with this graph certainly has no common sense when it comes to mathematical equations. Whatever happened to the remaining 6 percent? Are they not included in the entire research? Are they supposed to be “other parties” or something? Adding all those percentages up in the graph does not total to a hundred percent, okay? Whatever drugs these guys were smoking when they were coming up with the findings, we would sure like to stay away from those, most especially if they impair our natural ability to count.

Congratulations to the creator of this graph, though. Had it not been for this massive blunder of a graph, you probably would not be getting a lot of follows already on social media. If you are this bad with numbers, we would hate to think what other fails you will be coming up with when it comes to finances.

And sometimes the placeholder text makes more sense than the political slogans.

There’s that time the Lib Dems subconsciously became another coalition: THE LAB DEMS!

There’s just so many spelling fails it’s hard to keep up, tbh.