Foreign policy is his strong suit. He speaks whatever comes to his mind. Remember when he called out Mexico for the rapists and serial killers? That was rude, but was vey blunt. Keep the bluntness and work on how you convey it Trump.

Hey. Donald Trump is not so bad. Actually, who am I kidding? His hair is something that makes me die on the inside a little. I hate it.

America loves entertainers and loves to be entertained. When it comes down to it, why do we binge watch Keeping up with the Kardashians or Chrisley knows best? It is a secret indulgence that we all love feeding once in a while. On the outside we might not know who watches what, but we all have something that we go to, in one way or another. He satisfies that hunger that we all have and in truth I respect that he talks with passion and with a willingness to change, all of it is straight talk, no BS.