Trump Campaign: "How to Make America Great Again"

Trump could win

To everyone he may seem like a rich idiot too dumb to possibly gain any traction in this presidential race , but in reality he might win the election and here is why.

He is polling number one (24.3) against 17 other Republicans and is closely followed by Jeb Bush who is at 12.5 points. What does that say about the American public? WE LOVE CAPITALISM AND ARE GREEDY FU**S? Or that we like someone who is so obviously blunt?

The heat with Megyn Kelly during the Republican debate, has turned into a battle of the bravest. She accused him of calling women "pigs, slobs, disgusting animals, etc" and that he has a scale from slob-to-supermodel. No surprise here. However the biggest surprise, was how calm and collected Trump remained. He restrained himself and there was no backlash. Once he was off screen, he took right to Twitter and defended himself and his title and called her a "bimbo."

In reference to the Michelle Malkin twitter dispute in which he called her stupid.

Foreign policy is his strong suit. He speaks whatever comes to his mind. Remember when he called out Mexico for the rapists and serial killers? That was rude, but was vey blunt. Keep the bluntness and work on how you convey it Trump.

Hey. Donald Trump is not so bad. Actually, who am I kidding? His hair is something that makes me die on the inside a little. I hate it.