The top 5 places to rent a boat and live life to the fullest

These are the best places in the US to rent a boat and live the lavish lifestyle while on vacation. After earning a boating license and learn all the rules, you have the freedom to choose the best place to learn, and we have the best suggestions.

5. Finger Lakes, New York

These beautiful lakes have popular fishing derbies, boat rentals, cruises, vacation lake houses and perfect for a family outing and dinner surrounding its lakes.

Otisco Lake is perfect for driving around in a pontoon boat or powered row boat, and there’s some great news, both of which are available for rental at the Otisco Lake Marina in Marietta. There’s also the Skaneateles Lake that is very popular for sailing and boating. And Canandaigua Lake is a great area for boaters. The Canandaigua Lake Marina, at the upper end of the lake, is a popular place to splurge and relax.

Life in Seattle seems to closely revolve around the outdoors, and the water in particular. Boating places like Lake Union and Lake Washington are really the most popular parts of Seattle, as proved by all the Microsoft and Boeing employees who commute to work from their homes on the waterfront.

Geographically, Seattle is ideal for boating and the outdoor lifestyle. You hear about the gray weather, but locals get acclimated quickly. Boat rentals are a very popular business there and are always available.

4. Tampa Bay, Florida

Being the state's largest estuary, Tampa bay has more amazing places to boat than any other place in Florida. Downtown Tampa has lovely restaurants and hotels, as does the City of St. Petersburg, with the chance for a nice cruise across the bay. The weather is always nice and warm; it’s the best place to soak in the sun

But there’s also hidden bays and rivers that are the true treasure of this boater's paradise. Anchor up near Beer Can Island or Shell Key or cruise out to Egmont Key and explore the ruins of a 19th Century army fort. And there are boat rentals all around the area. They’ll also make sure you’re fixed up with all the right boating supplies and accessories.

3. San Diego, California

A mild and warm climate and calm winds make San Diego the ultimate playground for boating of all kinds. It’s a great place to go to do so many different things, whatever you feel like doing!

San Diego's three harbors - Oceanside, Mission Bay and The Big Bay (including Point Loma, Coronado, the Downtown Waterfront and Chula Vista) - all offer marina facilities, boat and boat supplies rentals, private charters, and boating classes. Boat owners will find many locations to launch and prepare the boat, whether they're taking a drive around the bay, or making a stopover on an international cruise.

2. Benton County, Arkansas

Ten years ago, Benton County was a little boating secret in the Ozark Mountains. Benton is now the third-fastest- growing county in the United States, it’s very refreshing to visitors because of its clean environment, improving economy and accessibility of thousands of acres of perfect water.

Beaver Lake, which stretches very far, is the best place for boaters, and housing has expanded there. Access to boat rentals are all over the area and all the accessories and supplies needed. To top it off, the boating season is pretty much year-round, dipping only when a "blue norther" rolls in.

1. Seattle, Washington