Silda Spitzer

NYC governor Elliot Spitzer’s wife certainly has a lot under a resume. Among her accomplishments is being the chairman of the board, as well as founder of the non-profit organization Children for Children. She’s also quite a head strong individual. In fact, when Elliot faced a prostitution scandal back in 2008, she stood by his side through thick and thin.

These days, she works as the Principal of NewWorld Capital Group, a firm which focuses on private equity for environmental services. She is also the CEO and co-founder of New York States of Mind LLC, which is a digital magazine highlighting economic and intellectual ideas for the people, products and places of New York. She's also the Vice Chairman for non-profit organization, Urban Green Council.

Charlene Wittstock

Here’s an interesting tidbit --- prior to marrying the Prince of Monaco, Charlene was actually an Olympic swimmer. If she wasn’t, she wouldn’t be married to royalty. That’s because they met back in 2000 during a swimming event held in Monaco. 11 years later, they tied the knot.

In her early days as a swimmer, she has won 3 gold medals and a silver medal during the All-Africa Games in 1999. Nowadays, she has become a style icon in Monaco. She attends events wearing the most elegant ensembles, mostly from Armani and Akris. During Paris Fashion Week 2011 she wore a wedding dress made by Giorgio Armani Privé .

Cherie Blair

She is the wife of the former Prime Minister, Tony Blair. She also happens to be a lawyer. They met each other in law school, eventually getting married in 1980. Here’s something interesting, though --- Cherie is actually distantly related to the assassin of President Abraham Lincoln, John Wilkes Booth.

Despite this blood relation, she has done a lot of good for society. In fact, she founded the Cherie Blair Foundation for Women back in 2008. This organization focuses on the development of women entrepreneurs in smaller scale countries on the rise. She was also given the title of Commander of the Order of the British Empire back in 2013 for her unending quest to raising awareness for women's issues, as well as her charity work.

Hell no.

Stephen Harper has one other thing to be proud of apart from being the Prime Minister of Canada. He’s also got quite the lovely wife, Laureen. She was definitely behind her hubby’s success as he ran his campaign back during the 2006 election. She also happens to have an affinity for the funkiest looking hats.

Ever since arriving at 24 Sussex Drive, she has continued to be a public personality. She has been in full support of various causes. Among them is the National Arts Centre, wherein she has served as Honoraryr Gala Chair since the year 2005. She's also an active campaigner for the Ottawa Humane Society and animal welfare organizations.

Michelle Obama

Michelle is perhaps one of the most fashionable First Ladies we’ve seen in quite some time. She’s also a very articulate person, which comes necessary when you’re a lawyer. She also promotes healthy eating. No wonder she looks so stunning.

She's also made history, so to speak. That's because she's the very first African American First Lady of the United States of America, being married to current President, Barack Obama. She also occasionally appears on TV shows like Ellen, whereas her husband is a regular guest on the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon. Talk about being among the hippest political couples around, eh?

Jeanette Rubio

Marco Rubio, senator of Florida, certainly has great taste. He actually married a former cheerleader for the Miami Dolphins. In fact, they tied the knot way back in 1997. Right now, they are the proud parents of 4 lovely kids.

Here are a few interesting facts about Jeanette. First, she doesn't make campaign speeches for her husband. Second, she volunteers for Kristi's House, which is aimed to provide assistance and protection to youth who have been involved and abused in sex trafficking. She is also the very first Latina First Lady, which has certainly upped interest over her in her home country of Colombia.