The Hall of Hotness: Politician Wives That Will Make You Drool

Sonsoles Espinosa

Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero, who is the Prime Minister of Spain, always wears a smile on his face. That’s because he’s got a very lovely wife by his side all the time. Sonsoles is actually quite accomplished in her own right. She teaches music for a living and has got quite a set of lungs, which comes in handy for her truly beautiful classical singing skills.

She continues to practice her singing to this day. Ever since she moved to Madrid, she has been more active. She had been a substitute member for the Teatro Real's chorus. She has also done work with the proprietary choir of RTVE, which is a government-owned broadcast.

Silda Spitzer

NYC governor Elliot Spitzer’s wife certainly has a lot under a resume. Among her accomplishments is being the chairman of the board, as well as founder of the non-profit organization Children for Children. She’s also quite a head strong individual. In fact, when Elliot faced a prostitution scandal back in 2008, she stood by his side through thick and thin.

These days, she works as the Principal of NewWorld Capital Group, a firm which focuses on private equity for environmental services. She is also the CEO and co-founder of New York States of Mind LLC, which is a digital magazine highlighting economic and intellectual ideas for the people, products and places of New York. She's also the Vice Chairman for non-profit organization, Urban Green Council.