Frank vs. Claire? 19 House of Cards Moments You Missed

The Nation Already Loves Claire

It’s not secret that the United States of America already loves Claire Underwood. She’s frequently by Frank’s side during the campaign, acting as a crucial and supporting figure for the presidential candidate. She’s frequently greeted with uproarious applause and cheers, and she’s too smart to be oblivious to it. In Season 4, we may see her use this popularity to her advantage, whether simply by creating a gaping hole in Frank’s campaign, directly using her followers to slander Frank, or even stealing some followers for her own possible campaign.

The Michael Corrigan Fumble

Claire seems to be less and less committed to Frank’s image. She was reckless when handling the Michael Corrigan issue even though she knew how crucial it was to his Presidency. How likely is it that she didn't notice someone stealing her scarf while she was asleep? On top of that, she was reckless enough to grab the mic and make an impromptu speech when it was not her place to, ultimately damaging Frank's reputation. Claire is too smart and calculating to allow her emotions to get the better of her. This must have been a subconscious disregard for the consequences, or a deliberate attempt to mess with Frank. Even if Claire actually couldn't control herself, this would show how emotionally unstable she had become, no longer the calm and cool self she once was. Emotions can only be suppressed for so long until, like soda in a bottle, it explodes in a torrent of anger and revenge.