Hillary Rodham Clinton speaks to the reporters at United Nations headquarters, Tuesday, March 10, 2015. Clinton conceded that she should have used a government email to conduct business as secretary of state, saying her decision was simply a matter of "convenience." (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

With the 10th of November approaching, all eyes are on Fox Business and The Wall Street Journal as they will be hosting the 4th GOP debate of this year; and of this presidential election cycle. It comes with extreme precedent considering that presidential candidate debates have been picking-up tremendous traction and gaining several millions of viewers each time. In fact, the 2nd debate which took place in the Reagan Library in Simi Valley, California and was hosted by CNN and Westwood One was one of the most nationally syndicated television airing of this year. But with great responsibility comes great power. And with millions of American eyes peered onto the screens of these political debates, there would of course be a monetary influence of some sort hiding in the background.

But where it gets tricky is when it comes to who won the debate. Analysts received a largely mixed opinion surrounding the 2 top candidates, Sanders and Clinton. And what sparks a controversy is that supporters of Sanders is claiming that CNN which is owned by super-pac, Time Warner Cable, is guilty of building a false perception and narrative that Clinton won the debate. And the way they are doing this is when CNN posted a poll on Facebook gathering voted by viewers for who won the debate. And overwhelming majority, about 75%, of viewers agreed the winner was Bernie Sanders. But since, the poll was removed from the CNN’s Facebook profile, their website, and any television appearance. And also since the debate CNN has been publishing numerous articles outlining the success of Hilary Clinton and her involvement in t eh Benghazi attacks; while at the same time, downplaying the success of Bernie Sanders.

Oh, and I forgot to mention that Time Warner Cable is one of Hilary Clinton’s main donors! Coincidence or controversy? You be the judge. Don’t trust the polls!

The 1st Democratic debate of this year, and this presidential election cycle, was hosted by CNN and Facebook and was located in the Wynn Las Vegas Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. In attendance was Bernie Sanders, Hilary Clinton, Martin O’Malley, Jim Webb, and Lincoln Chafee. The debate was aired on CNN and was moderated by Mr. Anderson Cooper, Dana Bash, and Juan Carlos Lopez.