The Most Important Divorce Attorney Advice for Men

Did the woman of your dreams turn out to be not what you thought? Did she end up asking for only one thing: money? We are on your side!

If you want a cheap or free consultation

“There are some low-cost legal clinics and some private-practice attorneys or paralegals who will fill out your forms for a fee and review your separation agreement to make sure the paperwork is complete before it's filed with the court. A paralegal service generally only fills out the forms for you—which may be all you need if you know all of the legal issues of your case because you have discussed your case in detail with a divorce lawyer before hiring the paralegal to fill out the paperwork. Paralegals are not trained to give legal advice, and you may overlook serious issues if you rely on a paralegal to let you know your rights and obligations.”

How much does a divorce attorney cost?

“Nationwide, the typical fee that people paid their divorce attorneys was $250 per hour…[for] full representation: the attorney handled every issue in the case. Limited scope or partial representation: the attorney managed only some aspects of the case, for example, handled alimony and child custody issues but not division of property. And consultation only: the attorney provided advice or prepared documents on an as-needed basis, but did not represent the client.”

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Here's our most helpful advice

See if there is still love and feelings. Is this impulse to divorce from financial or intimacy issues, because that’s resolvable. There is still couples therapy and retreats if you want to do one last push to see if you can fix the other issues, if not, then it’s time to call it quits.

If you think she’s the only issue, take a step back and look at your actions. Nobody is perfect, especially with relationships, so see if there’s something you have to work on if you think she’s the only one in the wrong.

Be realistic. If the want for this divorce is due to another person involved, things get much more tricky. 75% of affair relationships don’t last, so divorce is best to do soon.