These Guys Have To Look Up Dental Implants Cost - Top 50 UFC Knockouts

Johny Hendricks sends Jon Fitch crashing down with a hard left hook to the face

UFC 141 featured Johny Hendricks versus Jon Fitch as the 8th bout in the card.  It didn't take long for the action to start for as soon as the bell rang, it was an all-out war between two fierce competitors.  It was only just moments into the bout that Hendricks decided to capitalize on the opportunity to send his opponent into a knockout.

He did. Hendricks managed to land a straight left that was so brutal looking, it had actually sent Fitch into unconsciousness. Of course, Hendricks had to make sure there was no getting out of it, which is why he decided to land one more punch as a precuation. In the post-fight interview, Hendricks was really proud of his performance, thanking his trainers and everyone who supported him.

Henderson says hello to Bisping

This by far the best display of violence I’ve ever seen in the octagon. Dan Henderson is a savage killer, and he proved that when he fought Michael Bisping. As Bisping was circling the former Strikeforce light heavyweight king, Henderson threw a lazy kick to distract Bisping for the bomb that was about to go off in his face. Even after the punch nearly removed Bisping’s jaw from his face, Henderson put his entire weight behind a punch while Bisping was on the ground, He jumped and king konged Bisping’s mug to really say goodnight to the English middleweight. This is the best knockout because it’s the most violent punch during the biggest show in the sport’s history. Knockouts like Henderson’s are what grows the sport. This is what drives interest with casual fans, and I’m glad Bisping sacrificed his jaw for the good of the sport he loves.

It’s safe to say that we may never see another knockout like the one Hendo put on the chin of Michael Bisping. It was also the first time that Bisping had been finished in professional MMA. Bisping is a crazy talent, and you don’t finish crazy talent like that very often. Henderson may never gain UFC gold, but we will never forget this punch. It sure does look like Bisping’s going to need a set of dental implants if he ever goes through more knockouts like this. Man, he surely felt that the next morning. Nothing gets the blood of an MMA fan going like a good knockout.

While slightly barbaric, the ability to stun a man cold is nothing short of amazing. Then, you factor in that the victim is a cold-blooded fighter who has spent months training to rip your head off at the same time, you get greatness.

Some see savage beatings, while others see beautiful martial arts at its fullest potential. A perfectly-timed head kick, a flying knee out of nowhere, or a devastating spinning back fist makes MMA a sport unlike any other. In boxing, you have to knock a guy down a few times (in most cases, see Mike Tyson vs. Marvis Frazier) to get the finish, but an MMA knockout can happen in a matter of one second or one strike if a fighter lets their guard down for a moment.

We’ve decided to rank the top-30 knockouts in the history of MMA from all promotions, Strikeforce, UFC, Bellator, Pride and more. Some are on the list because of brutality, others because of sheer magnitude, and some are just downright savage. Obviously, not everyone will agree with our list, so if you disagree share your thoughts below in the comments. Disclaimer: Some of what you are about to see may be graphic, reader discretion is advised.

Scott Smith KOs Pete Sell in a dramatic Ultimate Fighter finale

Scott Smith was known as "Hands of Steel."  However, people started to know him more as the Comeback Kid after making a huge impression on the latter half of his career in MMA.  He managed to pull off what ended up being among the most dramatic victories in the sport, gaining the win over his opponent, Pete Sell.

These two were brawlers, and they did not hesitate to showcase their skills on each other. Neither one was technically gifted, but they had a lot of power behind their strikes. Smith was already pretty hurt by the third, hobbling to the cage after getting struck to the sternum by Sell. The latter decided to rush in for the win, only to be met by one of Smith's signature KO punches, resulting in his fall to the ground. This was definitely a performance that almost seemed like an upset win, if only because of the clear indication that Smith was too hurt and exhausted. Yet, out of nowhere, he pulls off a win.

Lyoto Machida rips the belt from Rashad Evans’ cold dead fingers

From UFC 98

Knocking out Rashad Evans is impossible, unless your name is Lyoto Machida. Even Machida pushed it to the limit to get the finish against Evans. It took around five or six clean shots on the chin of Evans to finally get the former champion to go down. Despite getting finished, Evans proved that he is one of the toughest fighters in the UFC. Most guys would have gone down a long time ago. Regardless, Machida’s knockout to win the UFC’s light heavyweight belt is a thing of beauty. With the power of Evans’ hands, it takes a lot of skill and guts to swing like Machida did. However, with resolve and determination, Machida emptied the gas tank and finally knocked Evans out cold. Machida is the only fighter to ever knock the great Rashad Evans out. Evans clearly has an iron jaw, as evident in this fight. However, it goes to show how good Lyoto Machida really is, and how hard he can strike.

When you add the belt to this equation, it makes this knockout truly amazing. Machida is probably the most unique striker to ever compete in mixed martial arts, but it took sheer will and endurance to get this finish. Especially when you factor in that Evans fought until he literally could not stand anymore.

B.J. Penn peppers Sean Sherk

From UFC 84 – 2008

If you want to talk about someone who was legitimately born to fight, look no further than BJ Penn. Even legendary boxing coach Freddie Roach called B.J. “one of the best strikers I’ve ever been in the ring with.” The Hall-of-Famer is one of the best to ever strap up the gloves. He proved that in this knockout of Sean Sherk. While the blows were devastating, the beauty is in Penn’s technique. Penn was able to land a stiff left hook and a sharp uppercut on a man who was literally running away from the blows, while still maintaining not only power but the ability to defend counters. Then, as he is falling back, Sherk takes a lazy shot. Noticing this while having his entire body weight forward, Penn throws one of the hardest knees that I’ve ever seen. The combination of Sherk’s forward motion and B.J.’s momentum combine into a devastating knee that has Sherk completely stunned. Penn later follows it up with three perfectly placed punches to the chin of Sherk.

Even Penn knew that the fight was over, and like a true martial artist, knew when the damage had been done. After Mario Yamasaki failed to call the fight after the ground shots, Penn threw a couple more strikes for good measure until Yamasaki had to end it. One of the more devastating, yet classy knockouts in MMA history. Kudos to you B.J. Penn.

Silva takes the win over Irvin

At this point in his career, Silva was already at the top of the food chain, having defeated a number of prominent opponents in the Octagon.  He was to face James Irvin up next, who was known as the Sandman.  Little did the crowd that he would turn out to be a sandbag instead.

Silva was already primed and at his peak, coming in at a pretty big 205 pounds.  He was not to be messed with, as what Irvin had realized right after he attempted to go for a leg kick.  Silva caught it, following it up with a hard right that got his opponent curled up in a fetal position.  More punches came his way, courtesy of Silva, and the next thing you know, the fight was over at just over a minute.