Jennifer Lopez

Jennifer Lopez has definitely moved out of the block and onto greener pastures in Hollywood. Her entire career is pretty indicative of that. It’s just that we think she’s not all that pretty when she doesn’t have any makeup artists to rely on. In fact, she’s got quite of a dopey look to her.

Kate Moss

Kate Moss, in our opinion, is one overrated supermodel. She’s already in her 40s and is clearly not as “hot” as she was before. In fact, she looks like a wicked stepmother from a fairy tale when she doesn’t have any makeup on.

Penelope Cruz

Penelope Cruz is just one of many Latina actresses in Hollywood that has managed to become a highly respected thespian. Back in the good old days when she was young, she was constantly seen as a sex symbol, particularly in her home country of Spain. Nowadays, she has barely held on to that cred, especially with her current looks.

Anna Kournikova

Anna Kournikova is another woman whom many men all over the world desire. Yet, she’s not the embodiment of perfection as some would say. In fact, if she doesn’t have any eye concealers, she looks like she’s terminally crying.

Jessica Simpson

Jessica Simpson has been through quite a whirlwind throughout her entire career. After having achieved success in the music industry as an artist, she had gone through some rough times with failed relationships and even some drastic weight gains. Nowadays, she’s almost back to fine form, which means she’s nearly as beautiful as she was during her younger years. Yes, we even mean when she’s not wearing makeup at all.

Pamela Anderson

We were once huge fans of Pamela Anderson.  That is, until she released a sex tape with Tommy Lee, who was her hubby at the time, and we just sort of looked at her in a different light.  She also hasn’t maintained her good looks over the years, which is more evident when seen without makeup.