How do US Presidents deal with stress?

Running a country is a big job with many responsibilities, obviously. Presidents seem to have it all, but behind closed doors, they're all very stressed. Here are some tips that help some of the most powerful people in the country.

Why are/aren't Social Security and Medicare worthwhile programs?

Remember FDR's New Deal from your high school history class? Well, those programs still exist in today's society. Are they useful or are they just outdated as FDR?

How do Canadians feel about healthcare in the United States?

Canadians receive universal healthcare, something the US has yet to offer its citizens. Canada gets a bad rep sometimes, but they're light years ahead of us in terms of healthcare. How do they look at us?

What are the pros and cons of Michelle Obama's push for healthier food in schools?

Michelle Obama is more than just Barack's wife. The First Lady holds two degrees from Ivy League schools and is just as much of a public figure as her husband, known for her programs that push for healthier school lunches.