America's Most Dangerous: 25 College Campuses That Should Be Off Your List

University of Cincinnati

The University of Cincinnati has seen some improvements over the past few years. Back in 2010, violent crimes went up to 49. It has eventually dropped down to just 23 incidents per year. However, that’s still no reason to celebrate now, is it?

Florida A&M University

Property crime isn’t as high as the other campuses on this list. In fact, there were only 292 incidents reported on average for the annual rate. However, these also included burglaries, vehicular thefts, arson and larcenies. There are also acts of random violence to be wary of.

Vanderbilt University

Larceny is the name of the game in Vanderbilt. 535 incidents were reported in 2011 alone. However, there’s also the bigger picture of 555 property crime incidents to consider. Violence took form in the university over an average rate of 11 incidents each year.

State University of New York College

Vandalism was the name of the game back in 2011. In fact, there were 147 total incidents of property crime reported. Although that may not be much compared to other campuses all over the US, consider the fact that many students’ properties were destroyed in the process. Definitely not a place you’d like to board at.

Rutgers University

There is a yearly rate of 9 violent crimes in Rutgers. That’s not so bad considering that you have 365 days in a year to deal with. Either way, wouldn’t you be better off without any? The maximum number of crimes that occurred in this university, however, was 16, which included forcible rape and murder.

Western Illinois University

Western Illinois University had its fair share of rather violent crimes. Women were sexually assaulted, thereby leading to a number of forcible case reports. There were also 161 property incident crimes recorded back in 2011, and that number continues to fluctuate every year. Certainly not the university your parents would feel you’d be safe in.