17 Unexpected Photobombers

Have you ever thought that you took the perfect picture and look at something in the background that ruins it all? Well it’s not just you. See different pictures that were taken at the perfect moment.

Expect the unexpected.  That’s what a lot of people say.  Then again, how can you really anticipate something when you don’t know when or if it’s even going to happen?  That’s what a lot of photographers often have to end up with when someone walks into frame as they’re taking a photo. It becomes a photobomb.  This photography phenomenon has led to many hilarious, perverse and outright strange photos being captured.  We are here to show you what we found to be the most unexpected ones out there. Yes, expect the unexpected too because this post isn't related to politics either LOL!

How in the world could you not laugh at this? This young lady’s sincere smile is ruined by the awkwardness of the woman’s face in the back. Having a bit of trouble holding on to your bikini top there, miss?

Well, fun times at the beach can turn into something else entirely. Just ask these ladies, who clearly did not anticipate a manta ray coming up behind them. So much for smiling for the camera, eh?

So, you think you’re out to experience bliss and peaceful calm at the beach? Think again, dear. You just might get in the way of a random shark attack.

How do you ruin a perfectly good selfie? Include an ugly ass friend, that’s how. This lady had the right look for such a memorable photo, but it wasn’t meant to be.

When you have a Corgi, you just got to show it the world. Such an adorable pet always deserves so much love and affection, as well as attention from friends and family. This pug, however, begs to differ.

Everyone loves Christmas gatherings. It provides opportunities for family members to spread the love. That love may even rub off on your dogs, thereby ending up in them wanting to hump each other.