25 Celebs Who Should Run for President: Who Will You Vote For?

Morgan Freeman

Come on, the guy played God. You’re also probably a huge fan of his voice. Just think of the possibility that he would win someday and finally do his inaugural speech. That’ll be something worthy of an online soundbyte

Ellen DeGeneres

Ellen DeGeneres has been making people happy with her talk show. She’s a smart, charismatic and funny woman. She’s also the recipient of 13 Emmy awards, although those pale in comparison to her work for animal rights and as a Special Envoy for Global Aids Awareness. Being one of Forbes’ Most Powerful Women in the World for 2014 must qualify her for the top seat at the White House, right?

Alec Baldwin

 Alec Baldwin was actually considering making a political bid for the position of New York City’s mayor. However, he ended up continuing to act on 30 Rock. Yet, those rumors alone already made him a focal point in any election race. In fact, it only strengthened the belief that people think he’d eventually run for a higher position, possibly the US Presidency.

Taylor Swift

 She’s a young, talented singer who started out in country music. She’s managed to unite different genres together, and that also reflected on her fanbase, which just keeps growing as the days pass. If something happens in the political world that she won’t like, she’ll probably end up making a song about it too. That’d be pretty interesting.

Meryl Streep

Arnold Schwarzenegger