20 Photos of Presidents That You Wouldn't Believe Exist

Many media outlets and news organizations weren’t too happy over the restriction of photojournalists during a number of presidential events held at the White House back in 2013.  However, such a move was made to control how the President’s image would be reflected in the public.  After all, he is the leader of the United States of America, and should set a proper example to everyone.  However, you’d have to think about how people were back in the day, when nothing was completely filtered from public view.  What would you have to say about the following photos of former Presidents then?

Elvis meets with Nixon

Did you really imagine this scenario? We didn’t at all, but Elvis Presley DID visit the White House in 1970 to drop by and give Richard Nixon a gift. Unusually, it was a Colt .45 pistol. Aside from that, Nixon realized how influential of an asset Presley would be in discussions about drug use, which is why he agreed to meet with the King himself.

 Here’s a photo of John Quincy Adams. This photo is considered to be among the oldest existing photos of any US president of that time. However, this was just one of many photos that were taken 14 years after he was out of office. It is now kept in the Smithsonian Institution.

This is also another rare photo of John Quincy Adams. It was taken back in 1843, which was several years after his term. However, at this rate, you’d have to wonder how many photos there are of him in existence. Pretty rare indeed, but are they rare enough to not have any more floating around, especially in this day and age of social media and the Internet? 

Here’s a photo that certainly made headlines all around the world back in 1945. Lauren Bacall, the legendary actress, is seen sitting atop a piano with vice president Harry Truman playing it. While it may have seemed scandalous at the time, this did nothing to ruin their careers. Bacall made such a huge leap to superstardom in Hollywood, and Truman would go on to win the US presidency in just a few weeks.

Every year prior to Thanksgiving, the US President pardons a turkey in a rather strange tradition.  However, it has continued on since the 1940s.  However, it also does make for some pretty awkward situations.  Such is the case here with George W. Bush, who seems to be getting gobbled down “there” by this turkey.

William Howard Taft would be the kind of president people wouldn’t really vote for in this day and age. Not only was he short, but also pretty heavy. As a matter of fact, he weighed about 340 pounds. As seen in this photo during his governor-general days in the Philippines, even the water buffalo is having a hard time carrying him.