12 Celebrities Leaving the Country If Donald Trump Gets Elected

Lawrence O’Donnell

The world of politics in the US has gotten rather controversial as of late.  We could all thank billionaire extraordinaire Donald Trump for that.  The guy has clearly made his intentions to run for presidency known, but he’s also riling up a lot of protest from many people all over the country.  He’s also got a tendency to discriminate, which simply means he’s a huge racist.  Hence, if he were to be elected, there’ll surely be a lot of people who won’t take too kindly to that victory, probably opting to leave the US altogether.

Because of the birther talk, O’Donnell has expressed resentment and anger towards Trump. He simply claims that Trump is nothing but a racist, and that the “country's most virulent racists now feel they have someone they could vote for for president.” There are a lot of people in the world, let alone the entire U.S., who agrees with such a statement.

Matt Damon

Matt Damon doesn’t think too highly of Donald Trump. In fact, he might end up immigrating to Argentina if the guy ever won. That’s because he’s got an Argentine wife, and every comment that Trump has made so far is, as Damon says, “dehumanizing.” We’re with you on this one, Matt.